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The Journey of Documentary is an online interactive documentary about how to make an online interactive documentary. It is an initiative which was created Atalanti Dionysus as part of her Masters Research looking at the ‘evolution of documentary’ titled: Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms: Opportunities, Evolving Processes and the Changing Craft.  The website hosts a web series called ‘The Journey of Documentary’, with featured  interviews from professional documentary filmmakers/radio, social media experts, games developers, artists, academics and innovators of documentary. It also hosts an online test screening cinema and a crowd sourced timeline.

Producer: Atalanti Dionysus
Writer/Director: Atalanti Dionysus

Awards /Nominations
Nominated for 11 International Awards.
Official Selection Best Transmedia Project –  Dublin Web Festival 2015
Official Selection Best Documentary – San Francisco Web Festival 2015
Best Documentary Web Series – LA Web Series Festival 2014
Best Non-Fiction Web Series – Melbourne Web Series Festival 2013
Silver: Best Video Short Film Documentary – Horizon Interactive Awards 2013
Bronze: Best Website Training and E-Learning – Horizon Interactive Awards 2013
Outstanding Achievement Award Best Educational Interactive WebsiteInteractive Media Awards 2013
Silver: Interactive Multimedia Education-Academic – The International Davey Awards 2013
Official Selection Best Documentary Category – Vancouver Web Festival 2014
Silver Award: Interactive Multimedia – Academia Website –  International Academy of Visual Arts New York – The 20th Annual Communicator Awards 2014
Official Selection Best Documentary Category – Miami Web Festival 2014
Official Selection Best Documentary Category – Atlanta Web Festival 2014
Official Selection Best Documentary Category – New York Web Festival 2014

Tolmie Thanks You
The states longest running fire, the Great Divide Complex burnt 1.1 million hectares of public and private land, started December 1st 2006 sparked by lighting strikes was declared contained at 7am February 8th 2007. Fires were to last 69 days, rain was to provide some relief when it arrived on the night of January 20th 2007. More than 14,500 CFA fought the fires.
This documentary contains footage and photographs from the locals that fought the fires.
Over 20,000 dollars was raised from the sale of this DVD of which was donated to the Mansfield CFA.
All contributors who helped make this time also including the replication house FATS, donated their time and products.

Writer/Director/Producer: Atalanti Dionysus
Editor Wing Tsang
DVD authoring/slick/replication: FATS
Production Company: Atalanti Films

Tolmie Thanks You, received an appreciation award from the Mayor of Mansfield, CFA and the local community.