Community Art Workshops

Atalanti has a long history of engagement with a wide spectrum of the community, from curating community art shows, establishing arts precincts for artist to facilitating workshops for the visually impaired, our forgotten seniors, indigenous youth, rural and city isolated and marginalised youth.

Atalanti uses multiple mediums and a cross platform integration as a way to teach confidence and new skills that can be applied to create positive and creative expressions of self through various forms of art.

Some of these workshops have included:

Digital Photography Workshop for Arts Play
Photography workshop for marginalised youth living in the city – age group 5yrs-12yrs. The photography workshop ran for over 6 weeks. It was an initiative that was developed with Art Play and strived to facilitate and provide access to kids living in city buildings who would normally not have too much interaction with other children. The workshop was funded by the City of Melbourne. The outcome was an exhibition of the work.

Digital Media Photography Workshop, City of Moreland
The workshop was specifically created to reach out to the vision impaired that would normally not have access to art-based workshops. The outcome of this workshop was for participants to learn how to take photographs and then have an opportunity to exhibit their work. The project was funded by the City of Moreland.

Digital Media Workshop Shire of Strathbogie
The disadvantaged youth program was for regional Victorian residents and the aim of this course was to teach youth in regional areas how to make short animation films. The aim was to introduce them to script writing skills as well as practical and technical, which they could use for future opportunities. The program allowed the youth to obtain skills they would normally not have access to because of where they live. This project received funding from the Shire of Strathbogie. The outcome was a screening of the films for all family friends and the local community.

Digital Storytelling in Documentary Indigenous youth, South Gippsland.
Working with the indigenous youth I spent time teaching them how to make digital storytelling films using personal stories. The program was run from within the Indigenous Diversion Program where young offenders spend time before they are sentenced. This was a wonderful project as many of the youth were for the first time learning new skills which gave them confidence and an understanding of their abilities and strengths. This program received funding from the Department of Justice and was extremely successful.