Charlie Chaplin in the 21st Century during yet another Pandemic!

A classic, instantly recognisable, Chaplin’s Little Tramp character epitomizes physical comedy and grace. Rod Lara has been performing the character for the last 10 years at tribute shows worldwide. Charlie Chaplin in the 21st Century are short skits which place Charlie Chaplin in the current world in amongst the COVID19 pandemic.

These clips have been created as a call to creatives alike during a time when the world has changed. The arts will always survive and thrive and bring joy to the world just as Charlie Chaplin has for decades. The content was shot using a mobile device and only required one character in the scene. The camera was propped onto a table or tripod and shot by Rod Lara. Directing, producing and editing the sequence was created by two crew members Rod Lara from his house and Atalanti Dionysus from hers. All the social distancing rules were applied during the making of this content. We hope you enjoy the joy this character brings.