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We are currently in development on a Horror Anthology, a speculative fiction and an interactive documentary. We are in post production on a feature film to be released in 2017.

In Development

Projects currently in development – feature film, web series, TV series, documentary

TV Commercials

Optus Zoo Shaver Shop Fruju Slush  

Music Videos

Short Films


We are excited by the interactive online space and are currently creating documentaries that move across platforms in very distinct ways.  Our award winning web series, The Journey of Documentary offers many insightful ways in which documentary is evolving within this every changing technological world we live in.

Cine Blog

Latest posts on new and innovative tools we are using to create our projects with.


 The Journey of Documentary has been nominated for 11 International Awards. Official Selection Best Transmedia Project –  Dublin Web Festival 2015 Official Selection Best Documentary – San Francisco Web Festival 2015 Best Documentary Web Series – LA Web Series Festival 2014 Best Non-Fiction Web Series – Melbourne Web Series Festival 2013 Silver: Best Video Short Film Documentary – Horizon Interactive Awards 2013 Bronze: Best Website Training … Continue reading Awards


We run workshops and upskill those who are disadvantaged of way of not being able to access courses such photography, claymation, digital storytelling, making a web series.

Latest posts on new and innovative tools we are using to create our projects with.

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