In Production

‘A Miscarriage of Justice’, is a Transmedia docudrama narrative currently in post production which looks at the execution of Ronald Ryan and Jean Lee. It uses Live Action Augmented Reality  with AI – Artificial Intelligence as well as cinematic Virtual Reality and 3D scanning. This ground breaking documentary crosses platforms and uses immersive digital technologies to execute its storytelling approach.

‘Chaplin A Tribute’, a live-action VR episodic series
Currently in production on a live-action cinematic VR episodic series showcasing the wonderful Charlie Chaplin who is played by Rod Lara.  ‘Chaplin A Tribute’ takes us back in time where we come face to face with Chaplin as he accidentally falls into the future.  We pay homage to Chaplin’s earlier films as we bring him into the 21st century with new twist, turns, and technology!


‘WALL TO WALL‘, is a multiplatform documentary  about Street Art and a town called Benalla.
It is being produced as a multiplatform documentary with a crowdsourced timeline which features a map of Benalla and the street art allowing people to interact and leave comments on the wall for the artists.  A broadcast version for festivals and TV, and a web series featuring interviews with world re-known street artists.IMG_6981


BLIND MAN DRIVING is a feature length documentary and web series, about a visually impaired photographer Andrew Follows who is racing against time to capture as much as he can on his camera before he loses his eyesight completely. Filmmaker Atalanti has spent the last few years following Andrew as he goes about his daily rituals,  preparing himself for life after vision.