Augmented Reality

‘A Miscarriage of Justice‘, is a 20 minute Transmedia documentary which uses immersive interactive virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D scanning technologies as a way to bring the execution of Ronald Joseph Ryan the last man to be hung in Australia in 1967 and Jean Lee the last woman hung in Australia in 1951 to life.

The AR component of the project uses ‘Live Action Augmented Reality’ and ‘AI – Artificial Intelligence’ that we are prototyping and has yet to be used before on a documentary project.  This part of the project brings the spectator face to face with Ronald Ryan in two scenes and gives the spectator the option of participating is Ryan’s escape.  It takes on a game play scenario, much like a ‘choose your own adventure’ style play.  Other aspects of the AR experience have you scaling the infamous bluestone wall with your mobile device to reveal the characters who feature in the virtual reality film component and presents actual facts in a documentary style using voice over and images which are revealed once you find the markers on the bluestone wall which trigger the experience.

It’s purpose is to promote and preserving the history as well as create awareness around capital punishment.

Currently in post production.

Produced by Atalanti Films
Producer/Writer/Director: Atalanti Dionysus
VR Sound Recordist: Kyle Evans
AR Developers: Nathan Beattie, Tuck Silver

Pentridge AR, is a stand alone project which looks into the history of Pentridge Prison using augmented reality technology. Currently in production this project will bring some of the characters that resided in Pentridge to life.  Pentridge opening in 1851 and closed in 1997.  It was classified as a ‘maximum security’ prison and housed some of the most notorious prisoners in Australia.

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‘The Ghost of Chloe’ an interactive Augmented Reality episodic narrative about Chloe told by the ghost of Chloe.
Revisit history in a totally immersive way by visiting the actual location which holds the secrets to many of the stories which will be told using augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Chloé is a 260 by 139 cm oil canvas painting of a young Parisian girl by French figure painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre, made in 1875. The painting is located in the upstairs bar of the Young and Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, Australia, where it has been since 1909