Virtual Reality @Pentridge Prison

‘A Miscarriage of Justice VR‘, an 18 minute XR documentary which uses immersive and interactive mediums, virtual reality, as a way to bring the execution of Ronald Joseph Ryan the last man hanged in Australia in 1967 and Jean Lee the last woman hanged in Australia in 1951 to life.  This ground breaking documentary re-enacts the last moments of Ryans life before he was executed.   It places the spectator in the middle of the story playing the protagonists Jean Lee, and at a poignant moment in the film switches them by placing them in the shoes of Ronald Ryan. Other aspects of the storyworld ‘A Miscarriage of Justice AR’, include augmented reality site specific interactive elements of which can be explored at the prison location.  A self guided 3D tour of B-Division is also available on this website.

AMOJ Poster
An Atalanti Films Production
Producer/Writer/Director: Atalanti Dionysus
DoP/Editor: Ryan Pow
Sound Recordist: Kyle Evans
Music Composer: Stefan Cassomenos
Post Production: Aleisha Staples/Staples VR
Paul Round as ‘Ronald Ryan’
Max Sharam as ‘Jean Lee’
Wayne Pearn as ‘Father Brosnan’
Sandy Green as ‘Cecilia Ryan’
Ian Green as ‘The Hangman’
David Spokes as ‘Prison Governor Ian Grindlay’