Virtual Reality

‘A Miscarriage of Justice‘, is a 17 minute transmedia documentary which uses immersive and interactive mediums such virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D scanning technologies as a way to bring the execution of Ronald Joseph Ryan the last man hanged in Australia in 1967 and Jean Lee the last woman hanged in Australia in 1951 to life.  This ground breaking documentary crosses platforms and uses immersive digital technologies to execute its storytelling by putting the spectator in the middle of the story playing the protagonists Jean Lee, and Ronald Ryan.

It’s purpose is to promote and preserving the history as well as create awareness around a human rights issue, capital punishment.

Produced by Atalanti Films
Producer/Writer/Director: Atalanti Dionysus
DoP/Editor: Ryan Pow / Staples VR
Sound Recordist: Kyle Evans
Sound Composer: Stefan Cassomenos

Images Left: Pentridge Prison cell reconstructed.  Right: Actor Paul Round, portraying Ronald Ryan .
Photographs left Atalanti Dionysus, right Vanessa Aguilar-Collins Copyright 2019


‘WARCO VR’, a live action Virtual Reality narrative which explores the life of a war correspondent.
As soon as the spectator puts on the VR headset they take on the role of reporter Jesse DeMarco, who must make her way through a third-world civil war, recording images for her nightly news reports. Instead of a gun, players will be staring down the barrel of DeMarco’s camera, capturing and recording footage of different objectives throughout the campaign.

The idea was originally conceived by former ABC and SBS television war correspondent Tony Maniaty, who wanted to create a training game for potential war correspondents that would allow players to develop skills of shooting video in hostile environments while learning to avoid injury. Maniaty then brought the project to film director Robert Connelly (The Boys, Romulus My Father, Balibo), who saw the potential to create something that stretched far beyond a simple training prototype. Defiant Development, Morgan Jaffit,  helped turn the idea into a game.  Atalanti Dionysus has reinvigorated the game and is turning into a virtual reality film.  It is currently in development.

Produced by Atalanti Dionysus, Tony Maniaty, Robert Connolly.


‘Chaplin A Tribute’, a live-action VR episodic series
Currently in production on a live-action cinematic VR episodic web series showcasing the wonderful Charlie Chaplin who is played by Rod Lara.  ‘Chaplin A Tribute’ takes us back in time where we come face to face with Chaplin as he accidentally falls into the future.  We pay homage to Chaplin’s earlier films as we bring him into the 21st century with new twist, turns, and technology!

Producer/Director Atalanti Dionysus
Producer/Writer: Rod Lara