Atalanti Dionysus Bio

Atalanti Dionysus is an interdisciplinary  XR creative director who is exploring immersive interactive storytelling through VR, AR, MR, 3D and digital film.  She is a multi-award winning screen content producer, with over 20 years experience of professional practice and production experience, producing diverse programs across a number of platforms such as virtual and augmented reality experiences, high end television commercials, music videos, documentaries, web series, puppetry films, online comedy series and feature films. By diversifying her practice within the arts it has enabled her to increase her knowledge and understanding of working across a multitude of platforms.   Her research interests engage with innovative interactive narrative forms across a range of new media platforms with concentrations in the arts and experiential technology.

Atalanti was awarded a scholarship by La Trobe University in 2017, and is currently  undertaking her Ph.D. which includes a practice led component looking into Augmented and Virtual Reality Storytelling.  Her practice led project ‘A Miscarriage of Justice’, encompasses to do exactly that, by bringing people closer to historical moments by virtually taking them there. It looks at capital punishment and tells the story of Ronald Ryan and Jean Lee, the last executions in Australian history.

To see this work in progress you can visit A Miscarriage of Justice website which will feature the research and the projects which are currently in production.